Animal figures are a brilliant example of art. They reveal the hard slog the craftsmen put in to turn bare piece into a work of art.the royal indian camel is a traditional and great cultural symbol of india. The camel is prevalent symbolic themes of journeying. The essence of long-distance travel is at the symbolic heart of the camel, and it’s easy to see why. It’s no secret the camel can endure days in scorching hot deserts. It typically holds a message of travel – typically of an arduous kind – like a pilgrimage. That sounds intimidating, what kind of challenges will one face. The camel teaches to embrace the protective qualities instead of worrying about the pitfalls inherent to a long journey ahead. The camel is such a great energetic guide on our human path. The camel is for strength, endurance and protection. This could be a physical journey, or a spiritual one. For centuries, the camel has been initiating long expeditions through unforgiving conditions, and it is highly capable of helping and protecting us as we make our way along the long path of life.