The name Krishna means ‘all-attractive.’ God attracts everyone; that is the definition of ‘God.’ We have seen many pictures of Krishna, and we see that He attracts the cows, calves, birds, beasts, trees, plants, and even the water in Vrindavana. He is attractive to the cowherd boys, to the gopis, to Nanda Maharaja, to the Pandavas, and to all human society. Therefore if any particular name can be given to God, that name is ‘Krishna.'” Krish stands for satta. That means there is nothing in this Jagat/universe except of Krishna’s Sat Amsh. Sat means existence. There is nothing but Krishna everywhere and everything is Krishna. It just appears to be a Pillar as Maya has covered it. Nirvriti is synonym for Aanand. That is complete satisfaction or happiness. The Anand Amsh of Krishna is also everything and everywhere. But even Brahmagyaanis have only reached the Sat and The Chit. But no yogi, no tapasvi and no sadhu can reach Aanand. Only Uncoditional Bhakti can serve you to the realization till Aanand.