The Marble Parasnath statue is a renowned sculpture depicting Parasnath, the 23rd Tirthankara (spiritual leader) in Jainism. The statue is typically crafted from high-quality marble, known for its smooth texture and durability. The sculpture stands tall and is often life-sized or larger, depending on the specific artistic representation. Parasnath is depicted in a standing posture, symbolizing his enlightenment and spiritual authority.Parasnath is shown wearing the traditional attire of a Jain monk, consisting of a simple cloth wrapped around his body, leaving one shoulder bare. This minimalistic clothing signifies the renunciation of material possessions and worldly attachments. The cloth is intricately carved, with delicate folds and patterns that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.In his hands, Parasnath often holds attributes that symbolize his divine qualities. One hand may be in the posture of “abhaya mudra,” a gesture of fearlessness and protection, while the other hand may be in the “varada mudra,” a gesture of granting boons and blessings.The statue may be adorned with various ornaments, including necklaces, armlets, and anklets, which highlight the divine nature and majesty of Parasnath. These ornaments are meticulously carved and engraved with intricate designs, adding to the overall beauty of the sculpture.The marble Parasnath statue is often placed on a pedestal or platform, allowing it to be showcased and revered in temples, meditation halls, and other sacred spaces. It serves as a focal point for devotion, contemplation, and worship for Jain devotees.Please note that the specific artistic details, poses, and variations in the depiction of Parasnath may vary depending on the artist, region, and individual artistic interpretations.